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Drone Inspections

We offer inspections, mapping, gas detection, and risk assessment footage for industrial settings, from Flare Stacks to inside boilers. We collect accurate data sets, and can provide HD 4k video, high quality photos, thermal imaging, and gas sampling in hours.

Massively reduce downtime by inspecting the infrastructure before the TAR.

Know beforehand exactly what to expect, and be prepared. Find issues that would not be found if the infrastructure has already been shut down.


  • CASA Qualified Chief Pilot
  • Built in redundancy – If a rotor or motor fail, the drone can still be controlled & landed safely
  • Collision Avoidance, with or without GPS (Extra safety to fly inside)
  • Thermal Camera – Gather temperature information and see leaks from a distance
  • Efficient Data Collection – reduce data availability from months to hours
  • HD 4k Video – 12MP still images, stitched dual row panoramas
  • Information stored in secure cloud, accessible from a computer anywhere

Use Cases

  • Internal Boiler Inspections
  • Air Sampling / Gas Detection
  • Conveyor Inspections
  • Flare Stack Inspections
  • Stockpile Mapping (volumetric)
  • Detailed Pipeline Inspections
  • Progress differential with regular mapping
  • As Built overlays