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Burner Management Systems

The burner control unit QBK [cubic] is suitable for the control of pilot burners up to 350 kW and main burners of unlimited capacity, pursuant to EN 746­2, for intermittent or continuous operation.

Flame control by means of UV scanner or ionization rod (even shared with ignition) and high­ temperature option for flame surveillance bypass. Specific output for air valve or fan, following cycle or independently controllable.

Times and cycle are configurable: the same device can be used to control different types of gas, oil and mixed burners. User interface providing a led­bar flame signal indicator, seven segment status display and reset / shutdown button. Remote control and supervision of the burner can be implemented by means of digital inputs/outputs or through serial communication.

The unit is integrated into an aluminum enclosure, available in 3 versions.

Fault code acquisition from a smart phone, programming from a laptop.


  • Automatic Burner Control Unit for gas and oil burners
  • Pilot and Main fuel valves + Air valve and pressure switch
  • Remote control through process inputs or fieldbus
  • High-temperature option for flame surveillance bypass
  • Intermittent or continuous operation
  • Natural or forced draught gas burners.
  • Blue flame oil burners.
  • Single stage burners.
  • Dual stage burners.
  • Flame detection by means of UV sensor, dual or single electrode.
  • Air valve or fan output, following cycle or independently controllable.
  • Low air pressure switch.
  • Burner ON output.
  • Burner LOCKOUT output.
  • Remote RESET input.
  • Remote AIR control input
  • THERMOSTAT 1 input for remote burner control.
  • THERMOSTAT 2 input for independent main burner control.
  • High-temperature option for flame surveillance bypass.
  • Optional independent main flame supervision.
  • Built-in fieldbus control.
  • Infrared commissioning interface (smartphone app).
  • Led-bar flame signal indicator.
  • Independent and configurable flame sensitivity for pilot and main burners.
  • Advanced self-diagnostic report of cycle status, lockouts and failures.
  • Log memory for lockouts and faults.