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Sugar Mills

We have worked on many sugar mills in Australia. Here are some of the main issues we found after inspections:

Badly Worn Oil Guns

The inner tube can be eroded by oil to the point of large cross feeding of steam into the oil prior to the mixing area in the gun.
Tips and plugs also wear and erode, preventing reliable ignition of the oil.

Solution: We can replace/refurbish oil guns, doing so on an exchange basis so as not to impact availability on the site.

Regular Tune Ups

Most of the sugar mills operate under continuous crushing arrangements, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during the crushing season. This can cause a large amount of wear on the equipment.

Solution:  Regular tune ups increase availability and reduce fuel costs and emissions.  Arrange for all relief/overflow valves to be inspected and tested annually.

Leaking Valves

Valves become worn over time. This can cause issues like the bypassing of steam into the air line on the atomising train, causing large amounts of water to be present in the instrument air system, filling the chamber of the atomising pressure differential regulator.

Solution:  Overhaul/replace any valves that do not pass our inspection.