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Power Plants

Visibility of Inside Burners

Knowing what is going on inside your burner is very important. Aside from knowing if your flame is on or off, what extra data do you have? We have some advanced scanners that can supply real time valuable information. Frequency flicker of the flame, spectral analysis breakdown of each frequency band. Amplitude of the flame.

Monitoring Coal Burning

Burning powdered coal requires continuous flame monitoring. In most scenarios, there are two flames. The pilot flame, and the main burner. Diesel pilot flames can be monitored with UV scanners, whilst the coal flame can be monitored with IR scanners. This means that you need at least two flame scanners for each burner.

Our Flame Scanners excel at monitoring both IR and UV flames. With a SIL 3 rating, they offer a very reliable way to ensure that your boilers are under control. Both frequency and amplitude data can be recorded and analysed for increased visibility of how the fuel is burning, leading to better efficiency.