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Replacing Ribbon Burners

Nitmesh is a woven metal fibre. We weld this material over slots in the burner tube, creating excellent flame retention properties and reducing the risk of flash back. These nitmesh burners can replace existing ribbon burners from 4kW to 44kW.

Nitmesh burners provide improved efficiency, due to the extra radiant heat provided by the hot surface of the material, which can become incandescent, as opposed to the gas flame on a ribbon burner which provides only a limited amount of radiant heat due to it’s low emissivity.

Ribbon burners can become blocked by falling foodstuffs, creating a big impact on cooking spread. Nitmesh burners are perfect for bottom burner setups, heating the base of the conveyor, plus the additional radiant heat provided by the incandescent surface of the Nitmesh.

We have case studies that have shown energy savings of 15% up to 28%, as well as significant improvements in product quality.  In some cases, this has been through reduced cross-band variations in product quality parameters such as product colour, height, spread and final moisture.

Nitmesh Burners