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Flame Science International began operations in 2011.

Currently owned by “Deltic Enterprises Pty Ltd”, a company dedicated to investing in the energy production & heat raising market.

Originally contracting for the Australian operations of other companies, Flame Science International Pty Ltd has grown to become known for troubleshooting, and a supplier of highly recognized flame scanner & flare stack monitors systems, pilots & ignitors, burner management systems, and combustion spares in Australia and New Zealand.

Carefully chosen manufacturers were added to our representation over the years.

Manufacturing and reverse engineering has always been a strength for FSI P/L. Many installations are decades old, and parts not easy to come by.

Existing clients are iconic corporations in Petro-chemical, energy producers, and foodstuffs of various types.

Georg A Schwiemann

Georg A Schwiemann

The owner of Flame Science International.

Engineering and electronics background.

Trained in Europe regarding Flame Monitoring Systems & Burner Management Systems.

Previously Operations manager for Multi-National combustion engineering company.